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[size=12]I decided to update the story... please suggest storylines and titles, 'cause I have no idea where I'm going with this... rabbit ...

[size=12][b]Chapter 1:

Fawnkit was dreaming. Far away from the world of the nursery, she was fighting as the greatest warrior on BoulderClan territory. It was her perfect life. Helping her Clan and proving her worth, it was all she ever wanted. In this dream she was Lilacstar’s deputy and the ultimate warrior, the best that ever lived. Right now she was fighting BoulderClan’s deputy, Rainwhisker. But of course, in this perfect world, someone had to wake her up.

“Fawnkit, Fawnkit!” Blackkit, her sister, shouted, “Wake up! Did you forget? It’s the day! Our sixth moon! Wake up!”

A still sleepy Fawnkit was trying to make out what the black she-cat was saying. As her fuzzy head was clearing, the reddish brown tabby became as excited as Blackkit. Fawnkit leapt up and started yowling with delight.

“Flowerheart! It’s time, it’s time!”

“Oh be quite you two. It’s not time yet,” replied the red tortoiseshell. “You’re going to wake up the whole camp.”

“But Mom…..” both kits cried.

“Lilacstar will not start the ceremony before dawn; now both of you should rest.”

The two kits obeyed their mother and settled down next to her. Soon Blackkit was fast asleep, dreaming about herbs and injuries and helping Cloudfeather. But little Fawnkit was used to staying up after everyone was in deep sleep. She wondered who Lilacstar would assign as her mentor, and if Blackkit was serious about becoming the medicine cat apprentice.

Why would she give up being a warrior for stinky herbs and cranky patients? Fawnkit thought, Doesn’t she get that we’ll never get to be together?

Even as these thoughts were running across the kit’s mind, she was growing more tired. The questions soon faded and she was back among the warriors in the battle with BoulderClan.

Chapter 2:

How could Fawnkit still be sleeping? This day is the most important in our lives besides becoming a full-fledged warrior or medicine cat! Blackkit hurried to ask Flowerheart if she could wake up the snoozing tabby.

“Let her sleep,” the beautiful she-cat answered, “she’ll wake up when she wants to.”

“Fine,” the black kit walked out of the nursery and entered the medicine cat’s den.

The den was extremely messy with herbs and bits of leaves everywhere. Cloudfeather was not the neatest of cats and didn’t mind at all when Blackkit visited her to clean up the disaster. She was use to the little kit coming and helping out. A few times she had even applied marigold to a sore elder’s leg without instruction. Blackkit was turning into a perfect apprentice, and Cloudfeather often wondered if the kit thought of becoming a real medicine cat. Or was this all a kit’s game to her? No it obviously wasn’t. You could tell by the way she carefully looked at all the leaves to tell if they were still fresh. And the way she sympathized to each cat who came into the den in search of treatment. Yes, if she wanted to, Cloudfeather would take on Blackkit as her apprentice.

“How’s my little helper today?” the white she-cat asked, “Today’s your day, so I hear.”

“What?” Blackkit had been in deep thought.

“Are you ok?”

“Fine, I was just thinking…” the kit trailed off.

Cloudfeather changed the subject, “I want to ask you something Blackkit.”

The black she-cat turned her head, “Am I in trouble?”

“Oh no, not unless you have something to say to me.”

“What were you going to ask?”

“Now since you spend so much time here in the den and you obviously love helping me, I was wondering if you might err, want to, that is,” now that she was actually saying it, the medicine cat realized the words just didn’t want to come out, “I was wondering if you could, well, become my apprentice.”

Blackkit was so shocked, of course she wanted too but she never thought that Cloudfeather would ask. In her mind it was always herself pleading to the white medicine cat and Lilacstar. Now that her idol asked it was much more serious and real. Did she really want to give up having kits and having a mate? Yes, the answer came.

While she was thinking, the kit had remained silent and Cloudfeather took this as a no, “It’s ok if you want to become a warrior like your sister.”

“What?” Blackkit said for the second time, “Give up being medicine cat for my sister? No way!”

Both she-cats purred at Blackkit’s joke. Cloudfeather finally answered, “I’ll go talk to Lilacstar,” and almost as an after-thought, “Would you like to come?

The idea of speaking in front of such an important cat as Lilacstar frightened Blackkit. But this is important, too, the kit reasoned with herself. “Ok.”

The two friends exited the medicine cat’s den and walked across the camp. They passed Firestripe who was sharing tongues with his mate, Shallowleaf. The bright-colored tom was Sunpelt’s, Fawnkit and Blackkit’s dad, brother and the two toms were very close.

“Hello, Blackkit!” Firestripe yowled to her, very loudly for Firestripe had a tendency to get over excited, “Are you still going to become a medicine cat apprentice?”

The shy black was very embarrassed and, before that, she was hoping that no cat would know about her becoming Cloudfeather’s apprentice until the real ceremony, but of course no, “Oh, hi Firestripe. I really want to be a medicine cat, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t blurt it out to the whole forest.”

“Sorry, but you know your dad and mom are proud of both of you, right?”

“Yeah,” although Blackkit wasn’t so sure, she hadn’t told her parents she was really serious about apprenticeship with Cloudfeather, and before she had always thought they would agree.

She and Cloudfeather walked up to the curtain of brambles that covered the entrance of Lilacstar’s den. After the white medicine cat asked permission to come in, the two she-cats ducked their heads and entered the leader’s den. When their eyes adjusted to the dimness, the cats saw a gray-blue she-cat with eyes the color of heather, which of course was Lilacstar.

“So, she has agreed?” Lilacstar mewed with an air of regalness.

Blackkit was immediately sorry she had come. Lilacstar is so big and strong and I’m so little and weak. I wish I could be half a warrior as she is, you know, if I was a warrior. While she was thinking this, the other two she-cats had been talking and were apparently waiting for Blackkit to answer.

“What was the question?” she asked, feeling rather stupid.

“I asked if you truly wished to be a medicine cat. Many apprentices have backed down, and other full medicine cats have broken rules by having a mate or kits. I simply wanted to know if this was the path you wished to take and devote your life to,” the solemn Lilacstar answered.

At this little speech, Blackkit felt all at once scared of Lilacstar, curious about the apprentice who had backed down, and afraid of the consequences of becoming a medicine cat. She had often thought about what it would be like to see Fawnkit have kits and a mate, while she was in the den sorting herbs and treating cats. It had always been easy to accept it, at least in her imaginary world, but how would it be in real life? Would she long for a mate or the motherly job of having kits? How did Cloudfeather feel? Did she ever bear the sense of being left out?

“I do want to be a medicine cat,” Blackkit responded, trying to act important, “But, if I may ask, which apprentice backed down?”

Cloudfeather quickly glanced at Lilacstar, “I do not care who tells her, I can if you want.”

“You may, since she will be your apprentice.”

Cloudfeather flicked her to show she had heard Lilacstar and turned around to exit the den, “Are you coming Blackkit? Or would you rather converse with your leader?”

“Oh, no. I’m coming. But could I talk to Lilacstar, if that’s ok with you?”

“It’s up to Lilacstar.”

“Fine,” Lilacstar replied curtly.

As Cloudfeather left the den, Blackkit tried to summon up her courage. It’s nothing, just a small question to Lilacstar. She will understand. It’s ok…

“Do you have something to say to my little one?”

Blackkit was surprised at how cold Lilacstar treated her, surely it was her duty to take care of the next generation? “Was it you who backed down? I mean, did you want to be a medicine cat?”

The gray leader was obviously shocked at Blackkit’s question because her reply was all but an answer, “Do you, somewhere deep inside want to join your sister and become a warrior?”

“Well, no. I’ve wanted to be a medicine cat since I met Cloudfeather. In her den was always where I felt I belong.”

“Then you do not know how it feels to have a paw in both worlds; that of a medicine cat and that of a warrior. Am I correct?”

“I guess…”

“Do not question of things you do not understand, Blackkit. One day it will get you in trouble,” and with that prophecy-like message, Lilacstar dismissed the young black kit.

What have I got myself into? First Fawnkit gets mad at me for wanting to be a medicine cat and now I’m in trouble with Lilacstar for asking a question! Oh StarClan, what should I do?

Chapter 3:

“Wake up, dear. The ceremony should be starting soon and I don’t want you looking as if you slept the whole day,” Fawnkit woke up for the second time, to Flowerheart’s gentle mew.

“But I have been sleeping the whole day. Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You needed your sleep. Now get up, there’s a spot on your side that’s sticking up…” the queen trailed off, intent on the stubborn piece of fur.

After the through licking from her mother, Fawnkit ran out of the nursery, quietly thinking, That’s the last time I’ll sleep in there! In her haste, the kit almost ran into an expecting queen, Rainshine. The dark grey she-cat was heavy with her kits and finally ‘surrendered to the nursery’, as she had said. Fawnkit wasn’t usually this rude and was immediately sorry.

“Oh, Rainshine! Are you ok? I didn’t mean to, you know.”

“It’s quite alright you little red furball,” she said affectionately, because even though Fawnkit wasn’t hers she loved the small kit, “No damage done, but I would watch out for Spikepelt. He’s really moody today.”

“Thanks for the warning! Say, when are your kits coming?”

“In a moon or so, at least that’s what Cloudfeather said. Happy sixth moon!” and with that Rainshine slipped into the nursery.

Will the Clan expect me to have kits? And do I want to? The kit reflected on what she really wanted to do, Just a warrior, maybe deputy, or a queen, and even leader… Which one? What’s my destiny?

Fawnkit shook her head clear. It wasn’t time to think about that! She wasn’t even an apprentice yet! Besides, she would know what to do when she had to decide. Of course Blackkit already had her life planned out. Medicine cat, and nothing else, no mate, no kits, just herbs and sickness.

The red tabby raced on. As she went many cats congratulated her. Whenever a cat was made an apprentice or warrior or anything else, CrystalClan cats were always there for them. It was what made every cat love being in this special Clan.

“Hey, Fawnkit! Or should I say Fawnpaw?” yowled Mistpaw, “Today’s the day, right?”

“Yup,” answered Fawnkit, “You better watch your back from now on, ‘cause I’ll be right behind you!”

“Oh, well before that happens would you like to share a vole or maybe a rabbit?”

“Sure! Why not, I mean, don’t they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” the red soon-to-be-apprentice teased.

The two she-cats chose a nice vole and settled down besides the elders den. Both were so hungry that there was almost no conversation, just grunts and nods. They finished the piece of prey in almost no time. Just as they were about done, the spotted elder Grasstail came out to get some sunlight.

“Kits are always hurried and impatient! Slow down and smell what’s right under your noses for once!” the tom complained, “I was like that when I was young. Now I know life’s too short…..”

With that the brown elder sighed and hobbled over to his favorite sunning rocks.

The young cats exchanged glances. Both were thinking of the stories that told how Grasstail had gone a little ‘wonky’. Some kits really believed in those tales and stayed clear of the ‘crazy elder’. It was common to find queens scolding their kits for talking about the brown retired warrior.

“That was weird,” Mistpaw broke the silence.

“Who was he talking to?” Fawn-almost-paw asked.

“I really don’t know. Anyways, you better get cleaned up or Flowerheart is going to have your hide!” the gray apprentice brightened up, “You know how my mom was, oh StarClan did Grayfall kill me! Remember? I swear half of my fur was on end after that adventure.”

“Hadn’t you tried to find cobwebs for Cloudfeather right before the ceremony?”

“Biggest mistake of all my nine moons!”

The she-cats departed after finishing off the last of the vole. Fawnkit moved to the side of the clearing to clean her pelt. No use upsetting Flowerheart again! But really, my fur when I’m going to have my apprenticeship?

The kit licked herself one last time, all the way to her tail-end, and then walked over to her father, Sunpelt. Let’s see if he can guess what today is!

“And here’s my ray of redshine! Fawnkit! How’s the almost apprentice?”

“Mouse dung! You remembered! I was hoping to catch you off guard!”

The orange tom nuzzled his kit affectionately, “Why would I forget something like today?”

“I don’t know, maybe you’re too busy being the Clan’s best warrior.”

“Never! But Fawnkit,” he drew her over to a corner, “Do you know if Blackkit’s serious about being a medicine cat?”

“She’s always in Cloudfeather’s den… She obviously loves it there…” the she-cat trailed off quietly thinking.

After a while she answered, “Yes, absolutely!”

“You think?” her father replied looking troubled, “I had just hoped my kits would be great warriors someday. But if it’s what she wants….”

“I’ll still be a great warrior!”

“Of course you will!” he said forgetting about Blackkit, “I would bet moons of dawn patrols on it!”

Just then Lilacstar jumped onto CrystalLedge, “Let all cats old enough to catch your own prey, or crystal, join me for a Clan meeting!”

It’s finally happening! thought Fawnkit, My ceremony! Training hard, here I come!

Chapter 4:

Blackkit heard the leader’s summons as she was walking to the elder’s den to get rid of their ticks. The black she-cat froze right where she was. I haven’t even talked to Flowerheart and Sunpelt yet! Let’s just hope they agree…

She dropped the bundle of moss filled with mouse bile, gladly, and rushed over under CrystalLedge. There every cat in the Clan had gathered, from the oldest elder to the bravest warrior, from the biggest queen to the wise medicine cat. Each one of her Clanmates were there for her!

“One the most pleasing tasks of being leader is naming apprentices!” Lilacstar started, “Today we gather to make Fawnkit and Blackkit apprentices. By naming apprentices, we show that CrystalClan will survive and remain strong. From this moment on, until she has earned her warrior name, Fawnkit will now be known as Fawnpaw. Silverclaw, you have mentored many other apprentices. Now you will mentor Fawnpaw. Pass onto her all your experience and strength.”

Blackkit’s sister touched noses with her new mentor. Good luck Fawnpaw, too bad we can’t travel the same path.

Lilacstar broke Blackkit out of her thoughts, “Blackkit, you have decided to take on the challenge of becoming a medicine cat. That is your final choice?”

“Yes, Lilacstar.”

“Then from this moment forward, until StarClan grants you full medicine cat-ship, you shall be known as Blackpaw. Cloudfeather, you are CrystalClan’s medicine cat and you have decided to take on an apprentice. Teach her the ways of StarClan and healing cats.”

Cloudfeather started walking towards Blackpaw.

“Wait!” Flowerheart’s mew rang threw the camp, “Blackpaw! Medicine cat? You never told us!” The she-cat looked hurt and confused.

“I was afraid you would say no. But I was going to tell you! Lilacstar called the meeting before I had a chance…”

“But why didn’t you tell us way before? I know I would have said yes. Do you not trust us?”

Blackpaw walked over to her mom and looked her dead in the eyes, “I trust you, but this was something I was scared about. I was nervous about being medicine cat at all and then having to tell you on top of that? Only Fawnpaw knew.” She nuzzled Flowerheart, “Forgive me, I just didn’t know what to do.”

“It’s ok, dear. It’s ok…”

Blackpaw broke away from the queen and turned around back to Cloudfeather. She touched noses with the white medicine cat. That touch started all her life as a medicine cat apprentice, and then eventually a full-fledged medicine cat. That was her destiny, she was sure of it.

Chapter 5:

“So what are we doing first? Battle training? Maybe hunting? Or are you going to show me the territory? I’m so excited!” Fawnpaw bubbled, “Are we going to start at BoulderClan or PalmClan? You’re going to show me all the good hunting spots, right? When-”

“Fawnpaw. Fawnpaw! Slow down. I can mentor you myself, you know,” Fawnpaw’s muscular mentor tried to calm her down.

“But it’s my first day! I want to do something really special, something that Blackpaw’s mentor won’t-- wait she won’t be doing the same thing will she? I forgot,” this realization dampened the red apprentice’s spirit.

“The two of you might be training in different ways, but you’re still sisters. Now that doesn’t mean you can go on every patrol with her or train together, just that you can still be as close as you were,” he started padding over to the camp entrance, “Come on! You are going on the territory expedition you planned right? Or do you just shout out random orders?”

Dazed after thinking about Blackpaw’s unique life, Fawnpaw had been staring into space. Her gray mentor woke the she-cat up to her surroundings. Stupid furball! Pay attention! She shook her head clear and raced on after Silverclaw.

As she sprinted out into the forest, the wind whipped her fur back slick against her sides. The freshness of this world nipped at her nose. If only it could always be like this… Fawnpaw thought, but then again I would never have a chance to prove my skills! She charged onward until she caught up to her mentor. In front of the two cats was a giant tree. The tree was burned on one side and you could see the crisped branches on the ground.

“Can you guess what this is called?” Silverclaw questioned.

It’s like I’m on a never ending assessment! “Um… Burned Oak?”

“Close, it’s really Fire Oak. Some of the elders claim that the whole tree was on fire, but only those branches were completely burned.”

“Cool,” Fawnpaw lied, Who cares about a stupid half-burned tree?

Silverclaw must have heard her sarcasm, “Of course the numerous battles here would be of no interest to you, so let’s move on. Maybe to The Cave? Yes, boring history of our ancestors would be right up your alley. Let’s go!”

“Battles? I suddenly love this tree!”

“Yes, because it has something to do with what you like. You must pay attention to all things I say! You might miss something that could save your life in battle or war. Like the fact that this tree is hollow? If I had gone on, you would have tuned me out because you thought it was boring. Many warriors hide in this tree, but you wouldn’t have known because you thought it was boring. Pay attention!”

“Yes, Silverclaw.”

The gray tom led Fawnpaw past the tree, and headed uphill. As they trekked through the dense forest, he continued to point out different battles fought and many of the secrets discovered by warriors. Fawnpaw soon learned to hang onto Silverclaw’s every word. He knows so much! I can become such a great warrior with him as my mentor.

Suddenly, the older warrior stopped in front of a cluster of bushes. It was shadowy and hard to see much. The young apprentice looked up. Above her were countless branches. All of the foliage entangled to form a kind of canopy. The lush green made the red she-cat stare in awe. Her mentor turned towards Fawnpaw, bringing her down to ground level, he asked, “Where are we now?”

“Um… another great battle took place here?”

“Wrong. You probably have no idea what the place looked like even if you’ve heard of it. Investigate if you have to.”

Fawnpaw looked at him questioningly.

“Go on,” he told her, “Don’t be shy.”

The apprentice started to poke her nose into the bushes. At least they aren’t brambles, she thought. Fawnpaw decided to venture to the other side of the mysterious bushes. She slipped through two of them. Behind the green blobs was a dark, haunting cavity. Sort of like a cave… or like The Cave!

She slithered back through the bushes to where Silverclaw was waiting. He looked expectant.

“It’s The Cave! I didn’t realize how small the entrance was.”

“Most cats don’t know either until they come for their warrior ceremony.”

Unlike in most other Clans, in CrystalClan new warriors have to guard The Cave for a night. They sleep in the safety of its overhang if there was rain or anything else. At first the tradition caused some fighting since the other Clans thought it was unfair for CrystalClan to have their own private place to talk to StarClan. To settle the disagreement, the current medicine cat, Bramblenose, and his apprentice, Lightpaw, arranged to continue to meet the other medicine cats at Moonpool. Time had soothed the rest of the battle scars.

“That’s cool, though.”

“I’m glad you like it cause-” Silverclaw was interrupted by the yowling of cats and crashing of bushes, “You up for more than a tour?”

Fawnpaw purred, “Of course!”

Silverclaw lowered his body and started creeping towards the noises. His apprentice followed, quivering with anticipation. This could turn out to be more exciting than I thought!

The two cats continued slinking toward the unknown commotion. As they did, Fawnpaw noted where they were. She realized they were heading toward an isolated corner of their territory, near BoulderClan. BoulderClan?


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Post on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:34 pm by Ravenkit

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! This is awesome! If you ever entered the writing contest and there was a different judge you would win!!!!! I LOVE USING EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow really good !!!!!!!!!

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thanks.............................. Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

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Post on Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:36 pm by Heatherfrost

no need 2 be embarrassed......... your story is AWESOME

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again thanks... i just always underestimate myself

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u shouldn't.............u r a really really REALLY great writer.

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Print it out for me!

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ya me too!!

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kk i will

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do u guys still want d print-outs?

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