bool(false) Sunspark and Arrowpaw (edited verison)

Sunspark and Arrowpaw (edited verison)

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Sunspark and Arrowpaw (edited verison) Empty Sunspark and Arrowpaw (edited verison)

Sunspark was walking through the woods looking for a nice juicy rabbit.
Suddenly she heard a russel of noise in the bushes. Out jumped Arrowpaw.
"What do you think your doing" she hiss. Arrowpaw look down at his
paws."Sorry"he said shamefully. Then there was another russel "another
one of your apprentice friends came," she said sounding annoyed.
Arrowpaw shuck his head. "No one was following me honest. I just
disid... OUCH!" cried out Arrowpaw! Then he was pulled back into the
bushes. Sunspark Jump after him to see 4 shadowclan cats! Sunspark snarled a
challenge then jump at the cat who had Arrowpaw in his mouth. Arrowpaw
jump on his prosecutor. He ripped at his face till he ran of like a kit.
Arrowpaw triumphantly smiled then jumped on another cat. Sunspark
turned to see a 10 times bigger cat than she was but she swiftly
attacked his legs. When he had ran off there was one more but he had run
off too! When they returned they told everyone. "All cats old enough to
catch there own prey meet at the high rock for a clan meeting "
Bluestar called out, "today Arrowpaw will become a warrior." She told
them what he did then "His name now is Arrowclaw." Sunspark smiled and
they embraced! "I wish i could tell him about the kits im going to have but it must stay a secret till they come," she thought "ouch" She suddenly yelp! They where coming
She rushed to Cinderpelt how helped her give birth to 5 beautiful kits. "why won't that one move," she said suddenly nervous. Cinderpelt look then shook her head sadly
The remaning kits where called Owlkit,Cloverkit,Yellowkit,and Bluekit.
Today they are know as Owlfeather,Cloverleaf, Yellowpelt, and Bluestar.

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