bool(false) The Legacy of RuneClan: Book 1 Please do not copy!

The Legacy of RuneClan: Book 1 Please do not copy!

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The Legacy of RuneClan: Book 1     Please do not copy! Empty The Legacy of RuneClan: Book 1 Please do not copy!

If you saw my warriors writing, I bet you're dying to see more of it. Here:

Ravenkit bounded up and down, excitement
filling her paws. "Who's here? Who's here?" She questioned rapidly,
her breath frosty in the Leafbare weather. A new, strong scent filled the young
cat's nose as she peeked through the entrance of the soft MeadowClan nursery.
"Shhhhh!" Dawnrise, Ravenkit's mother dragged the kit
towards the back of the nursery. Ravenkit peeked through a hole in the nursery
wall. Maybe it's a good thing they never bother to fix this nursery! It's as
old as my mom!
Ravenkit stuck her nose through the hole. She smelled the
strong scent again, although it mingled now more with the tight moor to the
east of MeadowClan territory.
Ravenkit gazed out and managed to hear the hushed whispering
voices of wandering cats and the more serious tone of their leader, Foxstar,
and a mysterious, gruff mew. That was one of the kit's many talents: excellent
hearing. Ravenkit leaned in to hear more of the conversation. SPLASH!
"Yuck!!" Ravenkit meowed, a little too loudly. She had
landed in the dirt pile, to the side of the nursery. A mysterious clump smelled
faintly of Lightfoot, a delicate she-cat. Not so delicate anymore,
Ravenkit thought bitterly wading in the foul-smelling dirt.
"No, it's just a kit!" The mysterious cat stood glaring
over the dirt pile, a distasteful look on his dark face.
"Ummm, hello?" Ravenkit tried.
"I am Darkmoon, have we met before?" Darkmoon's
expression turned into a confused jumble of trying to remember something. The
mysterious cat's gaze fell upon the young kit's birthmark- a clawed paw print
with two lines below it and a brightly colored dot on the left located on the
shoulder- but it quickly fell away. Ravenkit saw an identical mark on
Darkmoon's shoulder, but with no dot and
one line below. But, unlike the older cat, Ravenkit knew and remembered who he
was. She felt like cowering, but as long as he didn't remember her, she was
"I don't believe we have met, I'm Ravenkit." The shadowy
kit mewed cautiously. Darkmoon just grunted in return, right before he padded
away and into the entrance to the leader's den which was the Stone Tree.
That night Ravenkit worried. "Darkmoon..." She
whispered, "I hope our leader knows what trouble you'll cause in the

kept visiting: first on occasion, then more and more often. Every time Ravenkit
looked at the dark tabby or heard his menacing voice, she remembered her dream.

stood in a dark and damp cave. A dark
tom with glowering amber eyes stared at her from a perch. "Come." He
motioned with his tail. Ravenkit's paws moved with a mind of their own, she had
no control over them. "I am Witheredtree, a member of StarClan. We have
foreseen many dangers for the four Clans. We call on you to help us in these
dark times." Ravenkit nodded her head. The cat led her deeper into the
cave, until they reached a rock, one side very smooth, the other, rough.
"Look." Ravenkit was about to agree until she regained control of her
body and looked around. Witheredtree was gone. She looked into the rock, which
was smooth as glass.

A Dark
gray tabby appeared in the rock, which Ravenkit later recognized as Darkmoon.
"Hurry, Ravenfeather! We must leave! The fire will destroy all of RuneClan
if we don't!" As Ravenkit looked at the background, she saw a raging fire
and many dead cats. Darkmoon had an evil glint in his eye. "Come along,
Ravenfeather, my partner, we shall take the other Clans, then have RuneClan
rule the forest!"

no! No!!" Ravenkit found herself wailing as she woke up. When she remembered
that dream, which she often did, it sent shudders down her spine.

often had dreams with a hidden meaning. She sometimes believed they were from
StarClan, but as soon as she thought of that, she shooed it away. Why would StarClan want to talk to a
kit? A lonely kit, in fact.

Ravenkit had three brothers and sisters.
Sharpkit, Ravenkit's tough little brother who had died about a couple of dawns
after birth. Crowkit, one of her sisters, had died at birth along with Wavekit,
Ravenkit's other sister. Her mother couldn't bear the loss, and spent most of
her time guarding her only kit. Ravenkit's father was Icecloud, a kind tom
whose pelt shone of the colors of bright white and cloudy gray. But her father
never got to see her or her brother or sisters because he had died bravely in a
battle with BoulderClan.

Do you want to visit the apprentices and play with them? I have arranged for
Rainriver to supervise you."
Dawnrise mewed to her kit.

Ravenkit purred. She hasn't visited Wildpaw or Spottedpaw in a while. Ravenkit
doesn't really care about Shimmerpaw or Daisypaw or even Leopardpaw, one of the
most beautiful and lovely cats of her Clan. She was pretty, tough, and was
fabulous at hunting. Ravenkit just thought the apprentice was a stuck-up know
it all. The kit was thinking these thoughts as she padded towards the enclosed
meadow patch that was the apprentices den. As soon as she entered the strong
scent of flower beds and young cats surrounded Ravenkit.


She looked around. There was a different type of flower for
each cat's bed.

Ravenkit! Over here!" Wildpaw's strong and courageous voice sounded from
his nest of dandelions. Spottedpaw, his sister, was right next to him, washing
herself in the patch of rose petals that was her nest.

It's so lovely to see you again." Spottedpaw mewed in her soft tone.
Ravenkit always wished she had a beautiful, luscious voice like hers.
"Shimmerpaw and Daisypaw are out on a hunting patrol, but Leopardpaw,
unfortunately, is still here."
Ravenkit could see the apprentice washing her pelt in a bed of pansies
in the sunlight.

when are you going to be an apprentice?" Wildpaw suddenly blurted.

sighed. "Another two, three moons." She mewed sadly. Wildpaw nodded,
trying hard to conceal his disappointment. Wildpaw and Spottedpaw have been
like a big brother and sister to the young kit since all three have been in the
nursery. Ravenkit always wanted to be an apprentice, and looked up to them.

Rainriver skidded into the apprentice meadow. His water- colored pelt gleamed
in the sunshine. Rainriver was the Clan medicine cat, a very fashionable one at that. If you looked
at him closely, you could see a string of berries like a necklace around his
neck, and his long tufts of fur act easily like pockets to hold almost
anything- cobwebs, poppy seeds, any type of berry. The reason Rainriver carries
his items in this way was because he was a warrior. It was a very confusing
story, Ravenkit's mother always said. Ravenkit only got the explanation from an
elder story, from Graintail.

now you little kit," he would say, "Now I'm going to tell you about
Rainriver. Back when he first became medicine cat, he had a dream. A dream of
ol' Snowytail, his mentor. You see, Rainriver was destined to be a warrior, but
for his sake to shape his Clan's destiny, he had to be Medicine Cat."
Graintail was a young warrior, although his hearing was pretty bad. The rest of
the story concluded with Foxstar, leader after Featherstar died, granted
Rainriver with the position of warrior, along with his medicine cat status,
mainly because of Rainriver's ability to have herbs and berries quick-draw
ready while he battles.

Ravenkit? You there? Ravenkit?" Wildpaw's messy meow jabbed into the kit's

Oh, sorry. I got a little lost in my thoughts."

Foxstar granted us permission to play in the flower patch near our camp."

Really?" Ravenkit mewed excitedly, suddenly alert. Rainriver nodded and
all three of them, Wildpaw, Spottedpaw, and Ravenkit, followed the handsome
tom. Ravenkit couldn't help but notice
Leopardpaw's menacing stare follow them out.

ha! I've got you now!" Spottedpaw yowled, aiming a tackle at Wildpaw. Rainriver
was washing himself in the corner and sorting through various berries. Ravenkit
ran around, attacking the apprentices. Rustle, rustle. The kit skidded to a
halt. What was that? She thought. She pricked her ears, scavenging for the
source of the sound. Rustle, rustle. There! An ivy patch
was moving! Ravenkit tasted the air. Her eyes turned into narrow slits as she
dropped into a stealthy crouch. She knew that dark, savage scent. Darkmoon!

study Rolling EyesRavenkit Rolling Eyes study

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The Legacy of RuneClan: Book 1 Please do not copy! :: Comments


Post on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:58 pm by Ravenkit

This is only part of the book! (A teensy-weensy part)

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Post on Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:02 pm by Ravenkit

I don't know why it turned out like that (You know, sentence placement); I just copied it from Word.

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Post on Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:46 pm by Heatherfrost

Icecloud is already a character
anyway, great story (well, part of the story)!!!! Very Happy

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Post on Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:11 pm by Ravenkit

Change Icecloud to Duskcloud. Smile

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Post on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:26 pm by Heatherfrost

hey!!! i like that name!! it suits the character really well!! Very Happy

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Post on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:29 pm by Ravenkit

Ya right? DUSKcloud and DAWNrise! perfect couple!

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Post on Tue Apr 24, 2012 5:04 pm by Heatherfrost

whoa kool ending...

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Post on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:48 pm by Ravenkit

Spottedfeather wrote:whoa kool ending...
It's not done. Read Fawnleaf's.

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